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Friday, May 19, 2006

1.1 GHZ is not a 'Wii' number

"As far as the Wii itself is concerned, there hasn't been much to report. We did hear more about its tech specs though. While the 1.1Ghz PowerPC CPU does not compare to the PS3's Cell processor in terms of power, it is much faster than I was initially expecting. I was thinking somewhere in the 750 MHz range. I agree with Nintendo in that it is true that tech specs don't really matter to the people who play the games. But I still want to know what they are. There's nothing wrong with that, is there Nintendo? One thindidn't didn't hear more about was the device that can enable the Wii to play DVD movies. Hopefully we will find out more about that soon."

Original clock speed estimates saw the Processor at about 700 mHz, however those were in development kits. Knowing the power base of the PowerPC architecture, the 1.1 GHz processor can (At best) be compared to about a 1.6-2.0 GHz processor. This makes the Wii far more powerful than previously indicated should this be true. Also, remember, that what was shown at E3 was being run on GameCube hardware...


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