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Friday, May 26, 2006

Blue Ocean Strategy - Why theres no Console War for Nintendo

No matter what way you look at it, Nintendo has won in one way or another. No longer are they competing against the likes of Microsoft and Sony, no longer do they have to engage in the console war only known to a small population of the world. Instead, now they can focus on their current assets of gamers, and attracting a new userbase.

We've heard the Moore comments , and the ones from Harrison too . Both are completely outlandish coming from those two companies who ridiculed Nintendo just mere months before. Now, after the fact, they are beginning to understand that there is no conflict between Nintendo and Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony.

We've only seen the start of whats happening. It may be called the Wii now, but it is living up to its codename. The Wii along with the DS are revolutionizing Nintendo as a company. If you like the Wii, you buy it. If you like the X360, you buy it. If you like the PS3 (and can afford it) you buy it. Its just that simple now.

Nintendo only wants three things now.

1) To appeal to its fanbase by putting out games they love, and expand that fanbase by including a variety of titles at regular intervals.
2) To bring back old fans and gaming drop outs with the virtual console, new interface and new games.
3) To intice those who have never played into playing, with the new interface they can understand.

Nintendo is not after the same group of people that Microsoft and Sony is after. Looking though the past, it has been there, it has just never been as evident as it has been now. What a wonderful year to be a Nintendo fan or a person purchasing a DS, knowing that your needs will be attended to by a company with 20 years experience in Fun.


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