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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

CNN hails Wii as best suprise of E3

"Nintendo didn’t have a lot of momentum coming into E3: the third-place console manufacturer has let down GameCube owners with sparsely released titles, not to mention the near-unanimous disappointment over Nintendo’s chosen name for its next-generation console, Wii (pronounced “we”).

Miraculously, Nintendo had the last laugh once show attendees laid their hands on the fresh Wii controller, which looks and feels like a DVD remote and features a built-in motion sensor. Playing tennis, for example, is as easy as swinging at an imaginary ball in the air with the controller, and the effect is seen onscreen.

Similarly, the mustachioed protagonist in “Super Mario Galaxy” can interact with items by simply waving the controller in a given direction. The Nintendo Wii will be out by year-end, though no price has been confirmed."


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