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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Iwata on E3

On E3 suprises :
"The surprise was that the feedback to the Wii console was actually even better than we had expected before coming to E3. Before E3, we thought that maybe people would have hesitation because what we are proposing is, 'Forget about the past. Forget about the classic controller. You are now supposed to do a free controller style... We thought that we would get mixed reactions to our presentation. However, almost all the people who have touched and played the Wii have shown very positive reactions."

Reaction on the Wii Name:
"I saw Wii as one candidate among many others, but the name Wii captured my attention so strongly, I thought, 'This is it'", Iwata stated. "At the same time I thought that probably Wii would have some controversy."

"There were some criteria for us to come up with the name. It had to be short enough so that we didn't need any other nicknames or abbreviation. What we are targeting with Wii is not only existing gamers, but also people who have shown no interest in other games," Iwata said, reiterating Nintendo's goal with Wii. "These nongamers, for example, really cannot understand what GBA means, if GBA is something different from Game Boy Advance. We wanted something with a strong impact that people will remember as soon as they hear it."

"The same thing happened in the case of the DS. The DS was a very unusual machine. For us, the DS didn't necessarily boast beautiful graphics at all. We had to emphasize that touching is believing," Iwata said. "But we were in a better position for marketing the DS because the DS is, after all, a portable machine. We can take it anywhere and present it to anybody on the street and say, 'Please try it.'"


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