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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Nintendo Confirms Touch Generations

Starting in June, we will begin to see a lot more games with the logo to the right branded on them. Nintendo will put this Touch Generations logo on casual Nintendo DS titles which is already used in Japan and in Europe. It is hoped that this will differentiate the mainstream titles to the titles oriented for the casual gamer. The branding: "will include titles that anyone can pick up and play, even with little or no experience with video games [a move that] represents one of the many ways that Nintendo is making it easy for new demographics of people to be introduced to video games."

As well, several games were annoucned with their release dates: Big Brain Academy, launching June 5th, and the second title in the brain-training series; the Mitchell-developed Magnetica, also launching June 5th, and a puzzle game formerly known as Puzzloop that some consider the original version of Zuma, as well as all-Sudoku title Sudoku Gridmaster, launching June 26th.

"We remain committed to turning video games into an inclusive mass medium that everyone can enjoy, Touch Generations will help novices and newcomers identify the fun and uniquely engaging experiences that are available only on Nintendo DS." -- George Harrison


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