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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Nintendo's Official Statement on the E3 floor models

“The Wii hardware we exhibited at E3 2006 was made specifically for the E3 show and is not the final mass-production version. Some of this hardware was cased in Nintendo GameCube housing.” - Nintendo of America

“For some of the games that you’ve seen, the focus for them was not graphics at all, and so by design they were made to have a very broad appeal to them — something that even your non-gamers can understand. It isn’t the final hardware, so at this point anything could happen, but this is very typical of what happens at E3; this is something I’ve seen with every other publisher and Nintendo in the past. So will the system specs change? The answer is they’re still finalizing it. But as far as what you saw at E3 we think that was very indicative of the experience Wii will offer… It was Wii hardware.”

We have also heard the rumor about the Processor of the Wii being upgraded to 1.1 GHZ. Perhaps this goes hand in hand...


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