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Friday, May 26, 2006

Not Everyone Likes the Wii

“…(regarding graphics) It’s just a Gamecube inside thats all it is, thats a little dissapointing…there going to charge kids $250 dollars just for a Gamecube… well there probably going to charge kids $250 for what is a peripheral…(tries to not remain pessimistic) none of the games had any real depth…I felt that they imposed this controller on this existing IP game and it doesn’t fit…(Zelda grappling hook) was not the least bit intuitive, it was frustrating…as Metroid exists today like on a typical controller I can pick it up and play it and enjoy it…you can pay $75 for this peripheral and $50 for online (adapter for your Gamecube)”

- Catheline Sander of IGN News & Features


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