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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Phil Harrison On the Defencive

In responce to Nintendo UK shouting claims of theft against Sony, Phil Harrison responded in kind:

"In a way I understand why people say [we stole Nintendo's idea], but it is a little stupid, if you forgive the remark,"

"When we brought the PlayStation to the market in 1994, we introduced real time 3-D graphics for the first time. When Nintendo launched its N64 in 1996 it also had 3D graphics, did we say, 'Nintendo stole our idea!'? Obviously not. Such innovations become possible because of a combination of technology, cost and manufacture capacities... We've been working on [motion-sensing technology] for a long time and Nintendo has certainly likewise already been working on something similar."

"The difference between our strategy and that of our competition is that our controller is still similar to the Dual Shock, the industry standard controller. I estimate that nearly 400 million Dual Shock controllers have been sold worldwide."


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