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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Reggie talks about the Wiis competition

His main points you are probably used to hearing:

Cheaper, Intuitive, Its for know the drill.

One comment of his seemed to stand right out:

"The other guys can speak for themselves, but for us E3 was more about giving people hands-on time to get impressions of how the console and games felt. And on that point, we scored big time. One writer said it clicked for him when he saw a prim, middle-aged woman smiling and laughing like a kid while she played WarioWare: Smooth Moves on Wii. For others it was seeing the video of the rowd rushing in on Friday morning and flocking -- or should I say stampeding --
to our booth to get in line to play Wii. For me, I think it was hearing that Wii generated the longest line in the history of E3...How will we market Wii against competitors? We won't -- because Wii doesn't have any competitors. "


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