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Saturday, May 27, 2006

[Rumor] Wiimote Secret Storage / Camera

Ok, I know we're big on the rumors section right at the moment, but theres a lot of them flying around. Along with the Mic rumor there is another Wiimote related rumor regarding a players personal profile. According to this rumor, players will 'own' a Wiimote, in which, it will contain personal information such as game preferences, sensitivity calibration and other personal stuff related to in game play.

Related to this is the theory that the Wii may contain a simple camera of sorts, to transpose a players face in the likes of the tennis part of the Nintendo press conference, where Iwata, Reggie and Miyamoto all had their faces on their in game avatars. The Wiimote would store such information captured by such a camera and would then save it to the Wiimote of a player. In this manner, they could take the controler with them, and automatically have their face appear in the game as part of the character they are playing, or possibly as an emblem such as in Mario Kart DS.

Such a feature was originally going to be implimented with Perfect Dark on the N64, using the Game Boy Camera and the Transfer pack, to place players faces on the in game models. However, this feature was removed from the game before it came out.


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