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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Spore lands on Wii

In a gamespy interview, Spore creator Will Wright had this to say:

WW: "Well, actually we are going to go on all platforms, but we will come out on PC first."

GameSpy: "I’ve got to ask, how do you think Sony will do with that $600 price point?"

WW: "Six hundred bucks; that is a lot of money. I’m rooting for Nintendo. What I don’t like is that the way the Wii controller works depends a lot on how close you are to your TV. If you are five feet away it feels one way. If you are 10 feet away, it feels completely different."

GameSpy: "What games are you playing these days?"

WW: "I am playing with my DS a lot. I am playing Brain Age and Sudoku. "


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