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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Wii controller

The Wii controller has undergone a slight make-over. First off the most noticeable difference is the speaker located in the center of the Free-style pointer. This speaker can be used to deliver short sound clips, transferred via Bluetooth, and stored in the controllers memory. An added sense of realism can be obtained with this controller by creating an immersive environment for the player. As a few examples, you will hear the controller, in Twilight Princess "the tension of the bowstring..." and "...the fwhip of the arrow." The controller could also have all gun related sounds from an FPS come from it, instead of a set of television speakers. Combined with the rumble feature, the controller is set to immerse gamers into the game.

The next most noticeable difference is the overall length. The controller is slightly longer; with extra spacing from the 'A' button on the topside of the controller from the former Select, Home and Start buttons - now known as the '-' Home and '+' buttons respectively. As well, this cuts back on the Nunchuck attachment plug at the bottom of the controller. The 'B' button on the underside of the controller is shaped and angled in more of the fashion of a trigger from a firearm. We also see the Power button has been made round, and the 'a' 'b' / 'X' 'Y' buttons have now been labeled '1' and '2'.

As for the Nunchuck, 'Z1' and 'Z2' have been transformed into the ovalesque 'C' button, and the more traditional, yet ergonomic 'Z' button. The Analog stick has lost the traditional set of Nintendo 'rings' opting for but a single ring to hold your thumb to the stick.

The Nunchuck also contains motion sensing technology, allowing it to detect direction of force. However, the Nunchuck lacks absolute 3-D positioning like its brother the Free-style pointer. This extra dimension of control allows players to simultaneously use the functions of the Free-style pointer, while performing other tasks naturally; such as moving their hand forward, turning it, and pulling back to open a door.


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