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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Apple Nintendo Merger "Crazy"

David Cole, president of DFC Intelligence - a games industry research organisation - has publicly labelled these rumours of Nintendo and Apple merging "pretty crazy."

"If you consider that Nintendo was considered sort of the loser in the last generation, and now they've got the opportunity to go into a new generation and restart their market share... clearly, it might not be the best time from their side to be looking to sell."

However, he said that should Nintendo's Wii flop, which in the eyes of NCL president Satoru Iwata is total sales that equal less than that of the GameCube, "then maybe you'd start talking more about those types of rumors, but clearly it's very speculative."

Nintendo always has a history of buying its own stock to prevent themselves from being bought.

Cole even admited however that he "wouldn't be terribly surprised" if games on iPods start


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