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Friday, June 02, 2006

Console Wars and Wii opinions from Developers

Irem’s Kazuma Kujo - “most interesting thing is that these two systems (PS3 & Wii) are launching near-simultaneously.” He hypothesizes that developers will only truly succeed in making good games if they focus on one system, and that it will be very exciting to see who decides to focus on which system.

Capcom/Clover’s Atsushi Inaba - “this upcoming console race is far different from any console race before it.”

Chikako Yamakura, producer for Ganbarion - She is excited about the WiiConnect service for the Nintendo Wii, and says “even if I weren’t making games for it, I’d be most excited about the Wii.”

Noritaka Funamizu, executive director of Craft and Meister - “(The Wii) has some potential none of us can imagine yet.”Yoshiki Okamoto, of Game Republic - “I asked a lot of my friends their opinions of the next generation of games, and the responses were all over the place. It’s going to be interesting. Lots and lots of people were lined up for the Wii. People were waiting four hours!! If you ask me, if you make people wait in line for four hours, you better give them something to do for four hours. That, or just have some more on display.”

Tecmo’s Tomonobu Itagaki - “The Wii is truly interesting. People were talking about it. A person asked me to make a Beach Volleyball game for it, one that takes advantage of the motion controls. I wondered. Would this man really play it? Dead or Alive Extreme 2 will offer players more than 100 hours of game time, so I suppose they might need something to take a break with. I will consider.”

Akimi Watanabe, producer at Flight Plan - The Wii will be a valuable training-ground for developers who seriously “need to learn new ideas.”

Level-5’s Akihiro Hino - “WIIII for Wii!!



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