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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Katsuya Eguchi Talks Animal Crossing Wii and Peripherals

Eguchi went over some details about Animal Crossing on the Wii, hinting at further use of the WiiConnect24 feature.

"Another application might be someone could send a letter from their cellphone or from an email address on a PC to the Wii, and then the player living in the town in Animal Crossing could receive that letter," said Eguchi.

As for friend codes, thats pretty much confirmed already, but he goes over it again nonetheless.

"There probably will be Friend Codes for the Wii version, however, we're not so sure about compatibility," he said. "So it's most likely that everyone will be using new codes."

Eguchi says that "if software calls for a light gun, we'll make a light gun." He went on to add that "if the software requires a guitar, then maybe we'll make a guitar. Our number one priority is always to provide the ultimate gameplay experience, so if the game requires a peripheral, then we'll supply a peripheral."



At 2:39 PM, Anonymous nintendofan said...

i wonder what its going to be like. i think the cellphone thing is cool. its like free text messaging.


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