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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Miyamoto - Headsets Are Silly, Microphones Are Great

“Well, obviously there are questions of cost and technology. When you think about the type of microphone that would be easy for people to use for home play you think of a headset. And so the issue is, if you have a headset somehow attached to the controller, it gets complicated to use, and we wanted [everything to] be easy to use-simple and fun.”

Combine this with the rumor the Wiimote may not yet be finished, and it just says microphone all over it. A microphone is needed for those virtual console games from the Famicom that used the mic. Assuming of cource Nintendo decides to place such games on the virtual console. From Hey You Pikachu, a Library of Nintendo DS games, Mario Party and most recently Odama on the GameCube have all used a microphone. Nintendo has never been microphone shy to say the least.


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