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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Miyamoto Speaks About GameCube and Wii Power

"If anyone makes a game for HD, the hardware machine power must become more than quadrupled just to make it HD applicable. A similar thing can be said about the memory size. When developers are told that they can use as much memory size as they want, someone use them indiscriminately without thinking how it will affect other development activities, and it is becoming difficult for game directors to control the whole game development process. Such uncoordinated activities by each developer make the hardware work less efficiently and unnecessary development efforts must be taken for these activities. What we are trying to do is to create brand new freestyle entertainment that can be enjoyed by all the family members as well as by a single player. In making such entertainment, I have never felt stress about the power of Wii. Honestly, I have not been able to use 100% of GameCube's power yet, so I am very happy with Wii's far superior functionality." - Miyamoto


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