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Monday, June 05, 2006

Miyamoto Talks Galaxy

"It is progressing quite well, but as you may have heard, it's often said that when I get involved in a project I upend the tea table and that tends to delay things! so rather than promise everyone it'll be a launch title for now and then have to break that promise later, I'll say no for now but say that if it's not a launch title it'll be out within the first six month of launch."

"One thing I've always wanted to do with the Mario games is alow for one player to play as Mario and for other players to join in. The way that the Wii Remote works, given that we can have up to four Wii Remotes using the player functionality simultaneously, it would allow one playe to control Mario, wih the other players using the Wii Remote to help him out or get in his way."

"I think implementing this functionality into past games could make for some exciting changes..."


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