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Saturday, June 10, 2006

New Nintendo Patent will cause trouble for Microsoft and Sony

It seems that Nintendos new patent is looking to cause some damage with Xbox Live and the potential Sony Online services. Thanks to a patent filed in 2000, and just granted in 2006, gives Nintendo the following :

"The patent covers a chat system that involves a remotely stored buddy list, allows for multiple statuses, and could broadcast information about gaming activities. It would also display alerts when new e-mail is received, enable the transmission of player preferences, and allow for communication through either voice or text messages. "

Originally this patent was intended for the GBA and the N64, but with the new console wars heating up, Nintendo could use this recent patent to attack the archilies heals of both companies.

"It looks as though Microsoft's Xbox Live system may infringe upon Nintendo's new patent. If so, Nintendo could try to reach a cross-licensing deal that would allow it to delve into areas covered by some of Microsoft's patents. Sony is another potential target if Nintendo tries to pursue the matter. "


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