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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Opera Browser Details

  • The browser is stored as part of the Flash Memory of the Wii console, and is does not require a seperate disk. No extra cost to the user.
  • There are no plans at this time for communication with the DS version and the Wii version.
  • "No, there are no plans to include advertisements within the Opera browser user interface for Wii, but the same ads you see on Web pages on your desktop will show up when browsing using Opera on Wii. Nintendo hasn’t confirmed if Opera could be used to deliver Web-based advertisements into games, for example. "
  • There is built in potential for third parties to build web-based programs around Wii
  • Fonts will be larger, user interface will be simplified.
  • "Opera for Wii will support all the same Web standards that are included in Opera 9 for PCs and Macs. This desktop beta version is available now at . This version does include Javascript. Whether plug-ins such as Flash will be supported in Opera on Wii has not yet been announced. Stay tuned! "



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