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Monday, June 12, 2006

PangYa Details

“Presently in the development team, “being intuitively know, the refreshing impression it makes the swing system which overflows “. Is that controller which everyone has expected cooked, how? Trial and error is repeated. Simply it is feeling well to like to try to be able to throw the ball, but is not that everyone flies in the same way and the [te], we would like to leave also the element which keeps improving. “Intelligibility ” and, “you do and being packed is and is ” that you say, two key facts it can be compatible, it is in a state where the dropping which is best is searched. In the ending of Bai-u it is designed in such a way that it can be played, probably will be? Of course, like the former game you prepare also the operation system which can be played with button input, but swinging after all, we want playing, the shank. It is undecided, but using vibrating function and the speaker, we would like to make golf game which has the appearance impression.” - Super Swing Pangya Golf producer


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