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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Red Steel Interview (Translated)

MaXoE: Hello, can you present yourselves by indicating your course in the
field of the video games like your functions within Ubisoft?

Damien Moret: My name is Damien Moret, I am Marketing Game Manager at
Ubisoft. It is a a little barbarian name, but my work is to work with a team of
creation of play and to make research with them on the contents to be sure to
have a play interesting for the players. I have worked at Ubisoft for 9 years
and I notament worked on Rayman 3, Beyond Good and Evil, XIII and Heroes V.

M: We know that Nintendo did not announce all the functionalities of Wii
yet; will these functions' secrêtes' play a part in Red Steel?

DM: We work with Nintendo to create a play which emphasizes all these
functionalities. As soon as one receives information on behalf of Nintendo on
new functionalities of the controller, one looks at how to integrate them.

M: How do you hope to use the functionality of WiiConnect24? Will you be
able to add levels, or to allow the players to create theirs?

DM: One explores all the functionalities of the console and one will keep
you informed as soon as one has to say more

M: Which will be the average size of the levels and the duration of

DM: We count for the moment on a 13 hours average of play. For us, it is
still rather difficult to estimate the lifespan of the play because one realizes
that the players behave in a very different way. Moreover, there is multiplayer
and as long as one bursts oneself above, one continues…

M: How do you manage the loading of the levels? Is it in' streaming' or
is done it at specific times of the level? How that does it enable you to
optimize visual play and the scriptage of the events?

DM: The levels are loadés during short kinematics engines what returns
times of very short loadings. During the level, there are also streamées data.
The point of view of visual, that makes it possible to have more diversity in
particular on the level of textures.

M: Is Wii able in term of shaders programmable than GameCube? How do you
exploit these capacities in Red Steel?

DM: Wii is not the console most adapted for the shaders in particular
compared to its competitors. But final, it allows loader of the heavy sets of
textures which enable us to detail the levels enormously. It is a different
manner to use graphic power

M: In will reference to our impressions on the demonstration E3 2006, the
sword follow the movements of rod in real time or it will be scriptée (while
answering with a light time and by taking again the movement carried out
partially) as it seemed to be it at the time of E3?

DM: The small time is with the system which recognizes the movement that
you ridges to restore it. It is thus your movement which is recognized, it is
not a script.

M: Always compared to the demonstration of E3, we had evil to control at
the same time the aiming and displacement in space (for example when one aims at
an enemy on the left and that one wishes to supervise their arrival on the
line). How do you hope to correct this `problem' which we met?

DM: Indeed, the catch in hand of the lever requires to forget its
references of gamer. One realized besides that nongamers adopted the lever much
more quickly than the large gamers which seeks to find their reflexes on
analogical controls. Maintaining for a FPS, it is obvious that the sight and the
aiming will remain strongly dependent. On Red Steel, the zone of aiming remains
rather broad, as soon as one leaves this zone, the camera moves quickly to be
able to meet the needs for a fast gameplay. One thus more will seek to educate
the player with these controls with sessions of drive, rather than to want to
adapt controls of old the pads to the Wii lever. And do not forget that Red
Steel is held in Japan, over there you will learn the control from your
movements which is the key to be an expert on Wii!

M: Was the E3 version impressive but one could see graphic improvement
appropriatenesses there, unless that is the best than you could draw from the
console? If an optimization is possible from here the launching of the play,
will it be clearly visible? With which level precisely?

DM: For E3, graphics was not our priority, one wanted especially to show the potential of the gameplay and the new feelings with this controller. You will discover very soon our graphic improvements

M: Will the play offer the option Dolby DIGITAL or Wii (or play) is
`limited' to Dolby Pro-Logic II?

DM: Wii remains in Dolby Pro Logic II.

M: Is Ubisoft is one of the first developers to be worked on a play Wii,
this first experiment appreciable? Were the taking into account of the various
peripherals and new the gameplay that that induces easy?

DM: For a production line team of play, they is very fresh and exciting
to work on such a project because with final that obliges us to concentrate us
on ideas innovating more than on technologies bluffantes. Thus, that required of
us to reconsider at the base all the interactivity of a play. The least basic
action must be adapted to these new peripherals. One faced also with different
challenges. For example, it was necessary to think all the movements in space by
taking of account the fact that everyone does not move in the same way. It is
thus necessary to think of the easily identifiable and comprehensible movements
for all.

M: It was seen that the Wii remote control could be also placed on a
second accessory in order to constitute a gun. Is this with saying that Red
Steel could be compatible with this kind of accessory, or although it will
exclusively be necessary to be useful of the nunchaku?

DM: We worked only with the nunshaku because that seems to us most
practical to make shot and gun. I give you courage well to use the peripheral
gun like a sabre…

M: Do you have already other projects of development on Wii? Does the
presence of a different lever `' open new prospects for gameplay, with a view in
particular to it adaptation of plays to success of Ubisoft like Rayman for

DM: It is clear that this console is ridge to open new doors in term of
interactivity. What is especially brilliant for the developers, it is that this
controller has functionalities so much that all is possible. It is not as the
old peripherals which have only one application (guns or wheels). This pad can
be useful like gun, sword, flashlight or strawberry of dentist! The team of
Montpellier which works on Rayman approached the pad at all as we did. To final
that will give very different plays…

M: What do you think of the interaction of Wii with the DS?

DM: For the moment, we do not have information more precise than the
rumours which are on the Net. In any case, if it is true that promises ideas of
play well exciting

M: Did you have the occasion to play other Wii plays apart from Red
Steel? Which are qualities that you to find in Wii compared to its competitors?

DM: I played Wii Tennis which is very fun. One can make top spins, lobs.
It is super. I obviously tested Mario who swarms with good ideas. In a general
way, Wii has the merit to be immediately accessible. One made tests with people
who play very little and it is astonishing as they adapt the lever quickly. It
especially makes it possible to return the plays much more immersifs because one
has really the impression to do oneself the actions.

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