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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

[Rumor] - Final Secrets Revealed; Dynamic Games

More rumors of final secrets are popping up, and this time they have to do with a few things wii've learned about the Wii from E3.

According to rumor, the final secret of the Wii will be the ability to have dynamically changing gameplay. In otherwords, it will eliminate the single path found in most games. Thought to acheive this through the WiiConnect24 feature Wii will download and store small snippets of game information into your save files, looking to find where you are in a certain game, and provide you with additional content.

While we already know that the WiiConnect24 feature will have such abilities, the rumor sugests that the games themselves will change over the cource of time depending on certain players actions. Developers will be able to send this information to you with WiiConnect24 and map out a path in a game directed to your specific actions.

It will be interesting to see if this rumor holds up. However on another note, this does support the notion of smaller design periods, as coding the engine would be the main constraint, while additional content is streamed into the Wii via WiiConnect24 over time.


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