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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

[Rumor] - Wii Ram to Total more than 640MB?

As reported by IGN, the 512 megs of flash memory in the Wii is now "allegedly accessible". This is an about face from earlyer, when they had declared that the memory was too slow to be used for anything other than the virtual console. If this is true, the Wii would potentially have more ram than either the PS3 or the Xbox360.

This comes on the heels of NEC announcing that they will help supply the Wii with more ram. Such ram in the Wii is very fast, while flash memory is slower, it could be used in a random access format. Stay tuned.


At 5:09 AM, Anonymous Nate said...

I think what this means is that developers will be able to 'stream' from the card, much in the same way that they can stream from the DS game cards. If developers can even temporarily store data in the Flash Memory, it is a lot faster than having to read the disk over and over.


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