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Thursday, June 08, 2006

[Rumor] Zoonami Spy Game

The aforementioned hosted information concerning GI’s article will be in the Aug, 06’ issue. After many tries attempting to crack into the Cambridge, UK domain that hosts Zoonami. We have gotten a small portion of what the game confidentially entitled Project Z1145PS also known as “Game Zero”. This seems to be a project that has been in development for a long, long time. But from our findings in the financial page this project has been fully funded the entirety of production.

From what we have found Zoonami has been quite tricky to crack. Many times we were forced to go back and start the process again because of certain firewalls that had been set up. Either way, this game is definitely coming to the Wii console. What wasn’t documented was whether or not Nintendo itself is going to promote this game. The targeted rating this game is Adult Only which is further confusing. What we could understand quite clearly from certain documentation was that this project was in fact shown at E3 2006 behind closed-doors to “selected individuals”. Which as we could figure would probably include very few developers and publishers.

There were only a small few things we could confirm from the scattered documentation concerning this project. Which is:

-It is supposed to release Q1 2007-Final name is “Gut N’ Glory”

-Will be “politically aware” and “socially disruptive”

-Theme of game hints at being a Russian/KGB spy subterfuge/revolution-Main character to be an older individual

What is equally strange is that the “Guts N’ Glory” game has been rumored for a long time. But this is in fact the first real proof of that game. Which does make sense seeing how Nintendo is hell bent on “disruption”. It is our personal belief is that certain insiders who commented on this game did have real facts on this title. Although threw a lot of other conjecture into that to throw people off of the credibility. Which would make sense if you are in fact leaking real info on a confidential project, you don’t want every news site pinging that info to the world. But all we can confirm at this time is that this title is real and set to release on the Wii console. Here are some actual quotes from the official website that will support our news. We encourage everyone to visit and decide for themselves.

Quotes from the website itself.
Further proving albeit vaguely our findings.

“Whether the object be to crush an army, to storm a city, or to assassinate an individual, it is always necessary to begin by finding out the names of the attendants, the aides-de-camp, and door keepers and sentries of the general in command. Our
spies must be commissioned to ascertain these.”


From: “? ?”


ContactGreetings Zoonami,We have been monitoring your incoming and outgoing mail and have configured our systems to your English communication codeOur time-line assistants have discovered that a major future gameplay event is imminent, and
that the cause of this has been back-tracked to your companyspace Council::AI_Hub::Audrey hive mind, has dispatched ether-media assassins to impair your vision, thereby averting a major gameplay-field-collapseThe world is not yet ready for your product.

**********We will reinstall your vision at a future date when other companies are at a comparable state of evolution***********

This message will read as nonsense post vision distortion.We apologise for this


—————–Dear -spaceCouncil::AI_Hub::ContactGroup::Henry4,We’re sorry but we couldn’t read your message. It seemed to be corrupted. Regards,Zoonami Interrogation Division


“In no other business should greater secrecy be preserved.”Welcome to Zoonami Ltd, an independent producer and developer of entertainment software for video game consoles based in Cambridge, UK. Zoonami was established in 2000 by Martin Hollis, renowned game industry veteran and producer/director of the critically acclaimed first-person shooter GoldenEye007. Zoonami is a privately owned company limited by shares, registered in England as company number 04045715.

Courtesy of,Black Hat Society

Wait...Zoonami making a Spy Game? Where have we seen that before? More rumor mumbo jumbo? You make the call. Post a comment.


At 5:10 AM, Anonymous nate said...

Still too early to say for sure. However, the consitancy of all of the rumors floating about is begining to wear down my doubts. We'll see anyway.

At 5:15 AM, Anonymous nintendofan said...

sweet man if all this turns out to be true it will be awesome


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