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Monday, June 05, 2006

Wii FPS Control Schemes

I've heard a lot of ideas about improving the FPS control schemes for the Wii, but I've never come across one that I've had in my head for a while now, so I've decided to post it.

We start off with the basics of the control scheme. The Wiimote is the gun that you use in the game, much like in Red Steel and Metroid Prime 3. However, there is a distinct difference. There is no 'imaginary' box for the reticule to leave to cause turning. Instead the reticule can continue all the way to the edge of the screen and the viewpoint does not change.

Next, the character movement is controlled by the Stick on the Nunchuk. Pressing forward, moves forward; pressing back, moves back. Pressing left or right causes the character to strafe in that direction.

Now, since the Nunchuk also has the ability to detect motion it will be used to control the viewpoint. By rolling the Nunchuk to either side, the viewpoint will move in that direction. Pitching the 'nose' up will cause the viewpoint to move up. Pitching the 'nose' down will move the viewpoint down. All of these movements are continuous until the user returns the Nunchuk to a near neutral position. In this manner, it is possible to control viewpoint and targeting reticule silmoltaneously and independently. It could be possible to control the same way with a tilt of the Wiimote, though it would be far more clumbsy to aim at the same time.

I'll admit, that this scheme is slightly more complex, however, it seems that it would get rid of some of the issues of controling a first person shooter on the Wii to make fast turns. This is not an end all control scheme, rather just a small idea on how to improve it.

As always, any and all comments are welcome.


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