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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Call of Duty 3 Producer Speaks

“I’ll tell you about the Wii, because the Wii is the one that’s the most developed right now. What we’re doing with Call of Duty is again, the whole idea of sucking you into that game world. One thing we haven’t talked about yet is battle actions. I’ll start off just by telling you a little about battle actions and then I’ll tell you why the Wii just fits that so perfectly. So again, one of the things we wanted to do was to bring you closer than ever to the fury of combat. And one of the ways that we’re doing this is through what we’re calling battle actions.”

“Battle actions are simply enhanced interactions with your enemy and your environment. So, as an example, in the CoD games in the past, we had the melee, the melee attacks, very cool especially in multiplayer. You walk up to someone, you push that X button, that melee button, bam, you take ‘em out, down they go. That’s pretty cool. We’re keeping that. But now what we’re doing is we’re introducing this enhanced variation of things, and one example is enhanced melee. So now you’re actually going to be playing through that, you’re actually going to be struggling with your opponents at times, and that’s going to be pretty cool. So you walk into that room, and bam, your gun’s knocked out of your hand, it’s flying, then you’re out of your comfort zone. I’m in a first-person shooter and I don’t have my gun.”

“Next thing is the guy comes down and he’s smacking you down. He’s going take you out. So now you see your hand come out, grab that weapon, and you’re going to fight for that weapon. Through a combination of button presses, you’re going to have to overpower him until you can take him out. And we’re doing this in a number of other scenarios as well, for instance, laying mines. Before you pressed the action button, laid your mine, and got the hell out. Now, you actually see your hands come out, actually place that mine, set the timings, wire it up, and get out. And all the time you’re under fire, all the time you’re going to be exposed, you’re going to hope your squadmates are looking after you. So we’re just going to really add to that level of intensity.”

“So, how does that lead into what we can do with the Wii? The Wii is perfect for this. The Wii actually allows us to bring the physical approach, but now you’ve going to interact physically. Just imagine now that gun’s in your hands, as a player, not just on the screen. It’s in your hands, and you’ve got that controller, and now you’re shaking that controller. Maybe you’re rowing a boat across the river; now you’re actually rowing the controller. So these are some of the things that are just really going make you feel like you’re in that world.”



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