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Monday, July 03, 2006

Final Fantasy 3 Boxart, Preview

Final Fantasy III gets an absolute makeover on the Nintendo DS; the 2D sprites of old are replaced with stunning 3D graphics. While the graphics have been revamped, it is currently shown that the game layout has not changed; towns, and dungeons will be identical to their Famicom counterparts.

But could it really be a Final Fantasy game if it was just graphics? The game also gets a full story revision from the Famicom original, allowing both veteran players, and newcomers to play the game anew.

Where the charaters were nameless before, the DS brings these no-names to life. Each features a new personality and background. Not much of these plot changes are known aside from the default character names; Luneth (who is the protagonist in the game), Arc, Refia and Ingus.
Like in other Final Fantasy titles, most notably Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy V, the characters will undertake a series of jobs each with their own special skills. Black Mages can use Black magic offensively to attack foes, while Warriors are more versed in direct combat.

Use of these varied jobs will be needed to progress though the game. The DS version of Final Fantasy III will also contain a special ‘Freelancer’ class, which is the same as the Onion Knight from the original, while the Onion Knight gains new qualities and abilities.

Several sub-characters can also join the party of four. These charaters help to drive the story of the game, just like in the original. Unlike the original, these characters will also be able to participate randomly in battle.

While Wi-Fi support for Final Fantasy III has been announced, there are currently no details in how Square-Enix will be utilizing the Nintendo protocol.

Final Fantasy III is slated for release in Japan on August 24, 2006. The North American version will be released on September 12, 2006.


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