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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Hideo Kojima Talks Wii

“The PS3 is a movie theater. You pay 1,800 yen and view a movie with great sound and a huge image. These aren’t movies that are remade directly from television, but video that’s been made for the movies, and everyone comes wanting that. Xbox 360 is watching a DVD at home. It’s for people who want to watch a movie, but anything is okay. The Wii is a television program. You turn on the television, and you can watch soccer or watch a variety show — enjoy a program lightly. If you think about the future of the industry and game creators, I get the feeling that the winner had better be the movie theater — or, the PS3. No one will say that the price is cheap. However, the PS3 is ‘the future.’ The Wii is interesting, but in terms of functions, it’s a machine with past concepts.. The best thing would be a PS3 with controls like the Wii.” - Hideo Kojima

Although Kojima has suggested in the past that he would like to run away from Metal Gear Solid 4 on the PS3, to make something for the Wii, it looks as if he still has his commitments. He is obviously a big fan of the new control system on the Wii.


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