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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Wii To Debut Early Say Insiders

Without a question, an early launch date for the Wii would be a big help to Iwata and company at Nintendo. Insiders are now saying that an ‘early launch’ of the Wii console may be imminent. Just how soon? Well, insiders are poking around at the calendar, citing dates from previous Nintendo launches as well as pulling guesses out of thin air. Wii break down the jabber for you, and tell you just what is going on.

According to P.J. McNealy of American Technology Research, the Wii is already in full swing, with final production models ready for shipment. Although Nintendo could ship these units now, it is more likely that a sufficient stock is built up to meet demand. Iwata has stated in the past that the magical number will be somewhere around 2 million units, with another 4 million units following afterward.

With units being turned out already, the time for a Wii launch is looking earlier and earlier. What of the plans to launch in November? Well, November traditionally is not a month when Nintendo launches consoles. In fact, the NES was released in the U.S. on Oct. 18, 1985, and the Nintendo 64 debuted Sept. 29, 1996. Indeed, only the GameCube met with a November launch date.

So, just when are we likely to see the Wii? Insiders are touting that the Wii may come as soon as September, although October remains more favourable in order to meet the demand for the console. How does this compare to their competition? Well, Sony is still in finization plans for the PS3, and have not begun their production schedule yet. It is very likely that Wii will beat the PS3 to market this year.

As for last years Xbox 360 launch, the final units were only in production for 69 days before launch. It’s July now, and 69 days from now will make it Mid-September. If Nintendo is planning on a September or October launch it certainly is possible at this point to have the units required. That is, assuming they have a faster production rate than the Xbox 360. Last years launch was met with supply problems, and Nintendo has stated that they do not want the Wii to experience the same delays as their competitors.

Also, according to various sources, the Wii is only being held back by one small component; the sensor bar. This tiny piece of technology is all that is stopping Nintendo at this point. As soon as they can get manufacturing costs under control, they will be ready to launch.

Nintendo is ready to launch in a very short time frame. Far smaller than previously predicted. It is now up to them what they want to do it.


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